Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yes, it's Marilyn

The nude dress, designed by Jean louis for Marilyn to perform at JFK's birthday party. A dress that she described as “a dress only Marilyn Monroe could wear.”

I am so attracted by this woman recently, just can't let the book go before it's finished. Marilyn was known for making all kinds of stories, so instead of reading the biography she wrote, I suggest 'The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe' by J. Randy. It's a more truthful presentation of Marilyn.

Before reading the book, I took Marilyn as a mindless sexy blond like most of the people thought. I envied her, but did not feel pity for her. However, now, I could feel the pain in my heart for her story. She got every girls dream, beauty, fame, men's adoration, but not a father's love. All her life, she's trying to secure a fatherly role, someone that could make her feel safe. She called every meaningful men in her life daddy; she's crazy about JFK, it's just all because she want to feel safety. She wants to have a father.

I really feel thankful of my father's presence in my life. I adore him like a royal fan for the star. He taught me how to think independently, and how to be a strong person. There are two men in a woman's life, the father and the husband. You may switch husband, but you can never switch father. He's the safety harbor and the spiritual support for a girl. 

After all, I really wanna say, Thanks Daddy. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine @ Chez Panisse

So, it's valentine. The air is full of love and excitement.
I've been trying to make reservation in Chez Panisse for a long time. The first is on my BF's 21 birthday, then for my birthday, even I tried to book the table 2 weeks ahead, Chez Panisse still remained mysterious until this Valentine. My BF called Chez Panisse as soon as they start to accept valentine reservation, even that, the only spot remained is at 5. You could imaging how popular Chez Panisse is in berkeley area.

With all my imagination and anticipation, it finally comes to the date. It's a beautiful day, everything is so perfect, I had the rose and present from Ed, and we were about to start a big dinner. However, the food was just disappointing at Chez Panisse.
The restaurant is cute and cosy. Instead of being a business -suitable place, Chez Panisse makes itself a warm place for love and romance. If not the food, it would be a perfect date there.

Dining Environment
The bottom part is a formal restaurant serves pre-fix menu, while upstair is more casual with an a la carte menue. Unlike some place sitting in the shady giant building, Chez Panisse appears in the family garden decoration-a perfect french style settings. The overall place appears like a wooden tavern with flowers and sunshines. Our seats are close by their open kitchen, which is really a brilliant idea. ( Almost everyone here would have a kitchen tour at the end). The warmth and delicious smell coming out the kitchen perfectly incorporated in this love and romantic setting. I guess that's why most costumers I met were seniors celebrating with their other half. In all, I am pretty satisfied with the dining environment. If rated, I would give it 4 and a half. The half taken is due to the little bit limited space.

Oh, then we come to the most important part! THE FOOD!.
A restaurant is nothing to me without exceptional food. Sadly, not a single dish at that night can make the Chez Panisse name

The special valentine menu has four course, I gave the overall quality 2 and a half star: something you will never want again for the $150 price.

First course: Smoked Black Cod
With read lettuces and frisee, two caviars, the dish is well presented. But I felt the Caviars are too salty and the flavor is just isolated, does not well balanced with the salad. As an appetizer, I feel it's too savory, and the flavor is just too strong. :( a wrong start

Second course: Maine Lobster Risotto
OMG! this course is horrible. How can a restaurant like Chez Panisse level present such thing to customer.. The Lobster is way way overcooked. I actually have a strong tolerance with food. But even as tolerant as I do, I felt the lobster is just uneatable. My impression with Chez Panisse dropped to historical low.

Third Course: Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin
This course mitigated some of the previous anger. Beef is well prepared, juicy and savory. cooked just right. However, nothing spectacular. The flavor is far away from Harris Steak or Ruth Christ in SF.

Last course: Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant with hazelnut praline ice cream
This should be the best of the night! but come on, who can resist a full of love chocolate dessert, especially on valentine. if they even ruined this. I would be really pissed off.

In all, I had a great valentine, but that's all attributed to my beloved BF. I dont think I would ever visit Chez Panisse again myself. -blacklisted